July 4, 2019

Color can bring different feelings and associations to people, and can also regulate people’s emotions. The color of the wedding invitation is also very meaningful. For example, when your guests receive the wedding invitation, the color can let the guests predict the theme of the wedding color in advance.

1.Pink is the most romantic color, it represents love, calming and romance.

2.Orange is the warmest color in the warm color system, it reminds people of the golden autumn, rich fruit. It is a rich and happy color. It stands for cheerfulness, energetic, excitement, warmth.

3.Red is a hot, impulsive, powerful color that speeds up muscle function and blood circulation. It means strong emotions, warmth, love.

4.Yellow has the brightness like the sun, symbolizing the light of wisdom to illuminate the darkness. Yellow has a golden light, symbolizing wealth and power, it is the color of pride.

5.Bright green is a very beautiful, elegant color, it is full of vitality, a symbol of life.

6.Blue is a big color, the sky and the sea are blue. Blue is the color of eternity. It is the coldest color. Pure blue shows a kind of beauty, quiet, reason, peace and cleanness.

7.Purple is the color of non-perception, it is beautiful and mysterious. Purple is the color of royalty and wisdom.

8.Brown is usually used to show the texture of the original material, emphasizing the classical and elegant image. It is the best representation of nature.

9.White has an advanced, technical image and is often used in conjunction with other colors. White represents purity, innocence, sense of space.

10.Black means powerful, formal and sophisticated. With its noble, sedate, technological image, black is also a major color that will always be popular.

11.Grey is the representative color of softness and elegance, used to convey advanced image.

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