15+ extraordinary styles for Wedding Invitations that caught our attention!
April 23, 2019
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Want more fun for your wedding? Start with your wedding invitation. Everything has new version these days, why put wedding invites on back seat? If you are a bride who likes more creative x-factor, then you should not miss these fabulous and exciting wedding invites pattern and shapes.

  1. Octagon Shape

2. UV Printing

3. Sea shells Shape

4. CD Style

5. Casette Style

6. Playing cards 

7. Acrylic

8. Bookmark Style

9. Mirror cut

10. Having the print on the inside

11. Quad-fold

12. Origami folding

13. Watercolor

14. Jigsaw Puzzle

15. Film Canisiter Invites

16. 3D & Lazer Printing Techniques

17. Boarding pass style

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