April 9, 2019

What is the trick for doing DIY wedding invitations yourself? It is all about finding the right fonts besides the paper used.There are tons of free fonts out there on the Internet, but it is extremely time consuming to check all of them. Therefore bellow we have updated the list of 20 popular free fonts for all DIY brides. Check immediately and happy downloading!

Alex Brush

As a kind of script fonts, Alex Brush is blessed with flowing lines without being too messy or hard to read. Its effortless transitions and slight curves make for a gorgeous headline on your wedding cards.


As one of our customers’ most favorite script fonts, Allura is feminine but not too fancy. Slightly italic and angled, it looks fun but elegant, being a great option for the young as well as young at heart.


Lend a modern yet earthy touch to your designs with this formal but not too old-fashioned Bellerose serif font. It features clean lines and is a perfect choice for an accent font for names or headings. Match this classic font with an exquisite script font likee bickham script pro to make a nice visual impact.

Brotherhood Script

Being skinny and lanky, Brotherhood fonts features playful and whimsical feeling. It is decorative with very fabulous flourishes and swashes and will surely catch anyone’s attention.

For brides who interpret their wedding styles as “stylish,” or “personalized,” Brotherhood script is the right font they’ve been looking for.


Champignon script’s curved swashes and angled letterforms give you wedding invitations vintage and aristocratic vibes. It features bold typeface with lathy loop details which give off a hand drawn effect.

Coneria Script

Coneria script font looks lean and round, adding some sentimental love to the designs, making for fun but classy wedding ambiance.  Pair this nontraditional cute script with some minimal and formal fonts to wow your attendees.


With loopy curls, this quirky font are sure to set the tone for the ceremony with a sweet and pleasant feeling. Nothing is more enjoyable than imagine an idyllic country outdoor wedding on unfolding the most charming wedding invitations.

Honey Script

Add an eccentric and smooth touch to your wedding invitations with this handwritten script font. Honey script will lend gravitas and retro to your wedding cards that accompanies objects of antiquity.

Mademoiselle Camille L

A luxury black-tie wedding always matches with invitation that is both romantic and modest. Mademoiselle Camille delivers all kinds of hand-sketched nature which looks lively and very stylish.  If you’d describe your wedding to be a place with cheerful burst of fresh air, then choose this most captivating font.


Featuring quirky and unique, Monmica will add a dash of retro personality to your wedding ceremony. This playful and elegant handwritten wedding font is sure to draw all the guests admiration.


Tangerine is a feminine calligraphic script that features handwritten letterforms, with subtle slant and medium weight. This chic and flowing script is perfect for use on wedding invitations, menu headers, and more.


Very formal and understated, Twilight is a font that always used as eye-catching header and name to your wedding invitations. If your design sensibilities lean towards clean lines and simple graphics, then Twilight is nicely what you’re longing for.

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